Photo x Marco Meazza


Ana Seferovic

The autumn was hot

The concrete was heating up, her thighs were her enemies- sticking to the plastic seats in buses
The sound of her skin flopping
Of her skin peeling off the plastic seat

(The city is a wet metal bucket over my head. Ding, dong!)

The moon was a rounded scarab with golden vibrating wings
The moon was a golden pebble

(That I swallow with the same dedication as I devour
The chocolate from my mother’s wardrobe)

Songs about carelessness and freedom: Out, out we will go!

Everything was just one big Now
In which objects were piling up

(Decadence and excess at the end of the century-
20 years later fashion magazines will conclude
Recommending warmly the style: it’s this season’s must-have)

And people were piling up
Who were objects too
And exploding
In this meaty firework:

Dusty shoulder pads, diffuse way of walking
Often in the middle of the road
Half-empty plastic bags in their hands
Fluttering in the wind
Printed with big letters:

I (heart) my country

Nobody’s beasties
Unpleasantly imposing intimacy, with their supple and suspicious eyes

( I wouldn’t be surprised if they change into people during the full moon, not werewolves but weremen)

Boys/Men walking with legs wide apart
Freshly shaven heads

Girls/Women pressed into plastic clothes

(The moment you are a queen, under those lights on that dance floor)

Hair dyed into rusted iron

Lips bright red

(The old one, with scars all over her bare back, is laughing loudly with two soldiers while hanging in between their shoulders: Hey I am not afraid of dicks! No fear of cocks, boys!)

Eyelashes coated in a thick layer of sticky mascara-
The trembling tarantula limbs

(The daylight comes and we don’t want to go home)

There is something in the curves and in the firmness of all of those bodies that sings:

We have nothing but this body

And this body is a


The pleasure of the shining

( You shine content )

And no it’s not easy to be this body

( The crystal lattice)


– excerpt from And You Shine Content from Ana’s upcoming book, Mothers

Ana Seferović, Belgrde born writer, has written three collections of poetry: Duboki kontinent (Deep Continent – Matica Srpska, 2000), Beskrajna zabava (Endless Entertainment – Narodna knjiga, 2004) and Zvezda od prah-šećera (A Star Made of Icing Sugar – Association of Writers and Translators Pančevo, 2012).

Her poetry has been translated and published in many languages.

2015 saw the publication of her collaborative poetry book The City (published by Auropolis) with English poet Alice Maddicott and The Travelogue of The Car Boot Museum (published by Somerset Art Works).

She is also the co-author of two published and staged plays.

She is involved with international web-based poetry platforms as one of the editors of and Dirty Confetti and is currently engaged in numerous cross-over art projects in collaboration with various musicians and visual artists. She lives in London.

You can find her website [here].

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