Photo x Guido van Asselt


Brit Parks

you know whats a god damn myth, Hemingway

but you know whats not a god damn myth, Hemingway

in fact, he asked the Nazis to leave Bar Hemingway alone,

to leave it for the artists and poets and soldiers, that were the same thing,

in that moment,

and at this moment.

never make the mistake of how blood is shed,

a crime needs an accuser.

ink in blood is different than any material on earth.

myth is a drug, myth is a longing, myth is a lie, myth is a fact lied to.

Brit Parks is a poet, artist, and scholar residing in LA after a decade in New York City. Her poetics are a belief in language as non-language and language as subject itself. She describes states of ethereum with rarefied and common words, somnambular pressings and fallen repetitions. She received both her Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Parks was the recipient of the prestigious Edes Fellowship. Her work has been featured in the book SMEAR edited by Greta Bellamacina, RINE Journal, Unpolished Magazine, Vedanta Gallery and Chicago Filmmakers. Parks is also the creator and editor of ETHER MAG.

Brit Parks

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