SYMMETRIC SYNTHETIC x Jennifer Francesca Sciuchetti

Photo x George Tk


Jennifer Francesca Sciuchetti

I love the redone girlies.
Their lips, sublimated to summer giant doughnut
accompanied, with more or less grace,
by gulls with definite and disturbing wings.
Black wings, mostly.
Ready to frame eyebrows with exotic colors.

  • The eyes, t h e n. –
    Their eyes, those of the redone girlies.

Women in their 40-year-old. 50-year-old.
Sometimes, tragically in their early 30-year-old.

  • Their eyes, they s p e a k. –
    And they tell the solitude of symmetric synthetic.

They never cry at all.
Their eyes are exhausted by the fear of unsuccessful.
And of the delusion.
In life, with arms outstretched against the wind,
when you least expect it.

The cheekbones, like desert valleys, polished in wax.
On cheekbones, slip those thoughts
without even the illusion or inclusion of any obstacle.
They are polished on sight. Millimeter by millimeter.
The concern of failure
doesn’t give them any margin of error.

  • The noses. Oh yes, their n o s e s. –

Before hooked, aquilined. Certainly deviated or collapsed.
Identity symbols and, sometimes,
weird insecure detectors.
No expression to leak lies or truth.
No loose groove to leak tension or happiness.
Only loneliness.

Jennifer Francesca Sciuchetti’s essay and poetry have appeared in numerous online and on paper publications, including Ether Magazine, Viaggi Di Versi, New River Press Poetry Yearbook, and Poestate. She was the author of “Trattasi di misera carne”, a poetry collection focused on growth, identity, body language and the pain present along the subtle boundary that separates them. She collaborates with the Literary Review “Cadillac Magazine” and she participated, as relator, in poetry readings and festival, including The International Poetry Festival “POESTATE” – 14th Edition in Lugano, Switzerland.”

She studied Medicine with Specialization in Cardiac Surgery and Gerontology. Currently Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy course with a focus on linguistic and meaning aspects that characterize social interactions and human relationships.

She currently lives between Monza, Tuscany, and Paris. 

Jennifer Francesca Sciuchetti

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