Photomontage by Jasper de Waard


Talitha Mayisha

Immaculate senses,
drunken dances,
and sober nights;
the water flows till morning,
turns into mourning
and light rises
on the other side.
You ask me about the time,
instead, I tell you the universe rhymes,
it’s just, the sound has been off lately.
Maybe the poet is getting tired,
maybe the poet is god,
and god is getting very tired,
maybe she’s waiting for the light
to wake her in her mourning.
I scramble down my prayers
lest I forever lose my voice.
My words are my worship,
my pen my shrine,
I try to rhyme, but
it doesn’t wake me from my mourning.
And I still haven’t told you the time.

Talitha Mayisha is an up and coming female poet who performs all over Amsterdam. Her powerful performances and written work challenge both Christian indoctrination and queer identity stereotypes.

Talitha at The ROCKNROLLSAILOR Exhibition, NDSM Fuse

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