Dear Patriarchy,

What’s your deal really?

Because when I woke

I wondered


Why exert so much power

Over my body

My soul

And my vagina

My feisty, hot head of rebellion!

Dear Patriarchy,

Is it possible

That you are a tad bit fearful,

Of me

Because I do see through you

So you feed me lies

But in my mind, I always questioned

And you told me I was less

But in my gut I always doubted

So you had me in chains

But my body constantly rejected

So you told me more lies

More narratives

More religion

More society

And your deception I kind of accepted

At least for some time whilst

It lasted.

Because my soul always searched

And finally, I woke

And I questioned all that you stand for

And the many ways you use

“supposed to be” as a means

To keep me chained not to wake

I looked at your narrative of religions

And your masculine god!

I questioned your consumerism

And corporate ladder bullshit

I questioned your inequality of emotion

In a relation

Dear Patriarchy,

News flash, I am emotion

You can’t shut me down

But I give you this much,

For a long time, I actually believed you

Dear Patriarchy,

I am not done yet

In fact, I am just getting started

Dear Patriarchy,

If I, a female makes you wonder

If you should feed me more lies

If I, a woman makes you shudder

At the thought of my rise

If I, a lady gives you a tremor

With fear of my power

Then surely patriarchy

You should not be surprised

That I transcend

Beyond the limits of your deception


Because I finally believe

That you are indeed threatened

By my feminine wisdom

You are exposed

To my unending love for mother nature

You are unprotected

From my fluidness to make a form

From any form

That is why you use every narrative possible

To make me question my reality

But Dear Patriarchy,

This is my fuck you to you

Because I am awake and I am not

Ever going back to sleep!

You are welcome.

Uncia is the Badass Belle of the B&W Ball, a wanderer who wonders, and most important authentic as fuck. Uncia means snow leopard,
her invisible power. “The eyes of that animal make me want to say everything it wants to say to this warped world we live in. I like to pretend that the inspirations come from the energy whooshing around me. “

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