GIVE ME A PUNCH x Paloma Jet

Broken Series #?, ©️Paloma Jet


Paloma Jet

I’m sick, so why don’t you give me a lick

I’m sick, as a bloody stain

Got a hoga-toge-vog over the eyes and in the veins

(I) hear little baby birds in my ears

Zooming glooming

(I) wish it would die down, die down die down

Die down those unnecessary sounds

Cramping ma style

Cramping my bowels

Cramping so bad it would make you howl

So treat me as poor

I’m already sore.          

So dear upper-being

Just give me a punch

I will learn from this

Learn without being pissed, I say to myself

About this self-unmight

One punch

Give me sickly, give me no sight

Paloma Jet, Photo by Mark Boswell

Paloma Jet [19] was born and raised in Amsterdam. Her parents met in NYC and she was brought up bilingual, that plus the fact that she’s dyslexic means she has a chaotic relationship with words. But she discovered that poetry is a happy place to write with no rules to follow. Her broken sentences were mainly the result of wanting to write lyrics like the greats. Her other interests include designing and making clothes, drawing, music (bass and guitar), photography, and film. Two of her films have won awards. She is also in a riotgrrl band called The Earwurms; she plays bass, writes lyrics and sings with friends Carmen on guitar/vocals and Inez on drums/vocals. The band does originals and covers, everything from “House of the Rising Sun” to “Psycho Killer.”

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