//IT WAS 1992// x Cristina Patregnani

Poetry + Photo x Cristina Patregnani

IT WAS 1992

So, this is how

it worked

/the story of unwanted children.

// It was 1992 //

We went beyond art, we burned bridges, we were synesthetics and sympathetics./ We were about to smash the sun

Without any drugs, no little help, no prompter by our side.

// Cosmogonic Hooligans //

It’s hard to comprehend if you don’t have parameters //

For my closest friends I’m still a dickhead.

//It was 1992//

We wanted everything. / The Power dictate: supermarkets, TV, newspapers.


The Power was speaking in breaking news /chattered using our speeches to keep us hidden / and we knew that only one method was left:

to take up what we ever wanted.

And we wanted everything.

We refused time and space / as they had imposed them. //We refused the city//.

We refused to choose from choices.

To write our Manifesto we had lost many days of school / old children keep quiet/

to write, we refuse to play // We invented new

methods to protect old criticism.

Not every morning the sun blowed up.

Now that I’m white headed /Dr. Martens and grey coat everyday I take my black coffee /avant-garde residue/.

I’ve spent my whole life / the entire hour of my life/ subverting what has already been subversive.

// You can’t easily soothe a nihilist.//

Cristina Patregnani – unknown poet, barlady, both victim and lover of the night, anarchist, thinker, seeker of the unknown. She writes poems both in English and Italian.

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