SECTION 5(4) x Rushika Wick

Section 5(4)

Rushika Wick

Collage x Winifred Harms

this violent quill outlines the outliers

this spectral trill warbles twice off my bitten tongue

until the section of dodecahedron faces us again

with all its flying pills and ice-teeth and 

shuddering I know the strings thinning into 

nylon strands snap-snapping in sun

swooning truth in childhood but 

all-ears are soon brutalised 

and barricades mounted quicker than Italian crema

in a sex demonstration have you got the right papers

they write in shorthand some things about love

from temples in a democracy in a democracy

everyone would be a friend and 

the dark sow would roll in the fallow 

sew itself up precisely with blue silk surgically

a gift to the people from Orwell and portents 

would be meaningless penetrating only 

dead spines entwined with milk-whistles and 

forget-me-nots honestly it’s safer in a bar waiting 

on a drink wanting all to burn to clear it out

one big Moby Dick excretion of ambergris 

one bingo-hall sigh like a flamingo-throat retch 

like squirting plant food in plastic packets into 

vase-water delaying floral death waste

water-wings softer than the thin nighties of my daytime cousin

hovering about lucklessness moving through 

the shifting walls of unit 5 night shift 

round vending machines in pale tea waterfalls

washing it all out washing hung out to dry on the taut line 

femoral line access to all places but there’s 

no geography left access is a false consent 

like confetti philosophy

or the word nice printed how on the biscuit 

why on the biscuit 

like an ingestion design on autonomy 

28 days in

Rushika Wick is a writer currently studying at the Poetry School, London. She has had publications in magazines including Rx, Litro, Cold Lips, Word-o-mat and Ambit. Her writing often explores the embodiment of social contracts for the purpose of protest. 

Cut Up Collage x Winifred Harms
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