CREEP x Kumi Oguro + Win Harms


Photography x Kumi Oguro

Poetry x Win Harms

I found darkness drifting on an endless plane
After I drove off alone for another goodbye
Love seen best from shadows of our perception
As I sip the last drop of serenity in conflicted chaos
This wind blows countless nights like some drunken cowboy
And I want another drink

My dynamic self is strained if I do not bury the past
In an electric hum buzzing
It offers itself like paycheck to paycheck
Gin-soaked nostalgia over shattered glass
Where are the stars?

Confined in a cell of my own destruction I dance amid indifferent creators
The demise of dignity reeks of defeat
Tomorrow’s headache begs me to lick his wounds
Traces of the screaming where we pondered
Countless attempts at cynicism through semi-erotic conversation

I am alive in wonder as home teams lose words on the blade of my accent
His eyes sparkle in foreign languages
Sitting on stars with power closing in on
Motorcycle wrapped nights that have no end
We dare to exist despite this apocalyptic age
When love becomes an act of rebellion

This poem was written in response to this photograph which I first saw a few years ago at an exhibition of Kumi Oguro in Amsterdam. I never forgot the image so I asked her if we could use it for Rx and that I wanted to try a different approach by having a poet write something for it. The poet turned out to be me because I was so inspired by the photo. I used cut up (sometimes referred to as found) poetry from work I had written between 1992 and 2008 putting the phrases in new context. The last is the only line written during the process.

Win Harms, Editor-in-Chief

Kumi Oguro was born in Japan in 1972. Her study of photography started in London in 1996, followed by further development at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp until 2003. 

Next to photography, she also experimented with video and installation in a postgraduate program, Transmedia in Brussels. Her research theme in the program was the relation between still and moving image. This subject is also treated later on in her thesis for the master course, Film studies and Image Culture at the University Antwerp in 2006. 

Oguro has been showing her work in Europe, USA, Canada and Japan. Her first book NOISE was published from Le caillou bleu (Brussels) in 2008.

She has lived and worked in Antwerp since 1999.

“In my photographic work, I create a world just next to our daily reality. The faces of the female models are often not really visible. It is also not clear whether we see a frozen moment of what was going on (whatever it is) or rather if they are waiting to be awakened from a long, long sleep.
These anonymous women are balancing on a thin line between the childlike and the sensual, the fragile and the destructive, the playful and the tragic.”

Kumi Oguro, Artist Statement

Win Harms is a poet who thought that meant she could drink herself to death in Paris. Instead, she is the rebel-in-chief of an underground press, Rough Night Press and edits this magazine.

Originally from somewhere in the middle of nowhere, USA, she moved to a French town where she heard Sylvia Plath lived. She then followed her heart to Amsterdam, where she is the mistress of mayhem of the underground poetry scene performing rebel acts of light.

Win used to sell her Ritalin to cheerleaders and has been a decade without an address. She published a few books of teen angst poetry that now she doesn’t care for and she is often misidentified as a feminist.

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