NECROMANCER x David Chislett

Photo x Dave Pelham


David Chislett

Nothing grows in the dark
Just unrest and suspicion
I take what I make in the predawn gloom
Radiate it with the harsh gaze of day
Not everything survives
Sometimes parts of me die too
But enough grows
Enough grows to send me back
Back to the shadowed corners of my soul
To mine for chunks and glints of wonder
In amongst the horror, the fear and the loathing
We all have some of that stored away, don’t we?
I chip away at that store of feeling
Bringing it here to you
Offering it to the sun
And it withers and dies
Or develops and grows
And there is less darkness left
At the core of my being
Seems one day, I will have nothing left to bring
Because nothing grows in the darkness,
The darkness of me will be gone
That’s not how life is
We don’t always get what we want
And sometimes we hold too tight
To things that hurt and things
We are just never going to have
And we make our own darknesses to hold onto in the night
And so, we return the water to the well

David Chislett is a poet living in Amsterdam. He doesn’t seem to really belong anywhere, although he’s lived in quite a few places. He writes about life, what it means (or doesn’t) from what he observes and experiences.

‘Dave Pelham is a British portrait photographer based in Amsterdam. Working out of a creative community studio in the old newspaper district of the city, his passion for the real, for people and their stories keeps his creative juices flowing.’

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