CITY PEOPLE x Ernst du Pon

Photo x David Dobosh

Editor’s Note: This poem was written and read during the recent birthday party of poet, Hans Plomp, 76, at the art colony, Ruigoord [Rough Orchard] near Amsterdam. x W


Ernst du Pon

Hearts & arrows scratched in tree bark
you the pain, them a shallow moment of temporary love.
Keepin’ it simple,
nothing new to say anyway.
You got me started,
never got over her,
gone astray.
Taking a break between your roots and branches,
lowin’ down where they can’t follow,
through some layers of narrow grit and,
roaring lions more welcoming than bats.
Straight to the rhythm,
it’s party time.
I’m down on the beat,
a long lost groove,
which takes you up to the sun,
for an unexpected change of direction within the here and now.
It’s so compact and dense even granite seems cotton wool.
Your ‘X’-eyes beyond space and time.
Skip the words, they point to wandering stars in unknown galaxies,
with wacky memories that transform energies,
by uplifting hypnotics.
Fall in Love and forget about the rest.

Ernst Peter du Pon / Sufiname Valal was deeply inspired by spirituality of Sufi’s and other mystical influences. The name Valal goes back to Jel Al Udin Rumi the poet that founded the order of the Derwishes who drank the wine that is symbol for the ecstasy that one experiences approaching the Goddess. Playing his bass guitar, piano, voice and percussion inspires him often.
Hans Plomp, Yvonne Mousset, Carla Bogaards, Win Harms, Rock ‘n Roll Sailor, Jack Kerouac, Aja Waalwijk, Elias Amidon, Louise Landes Levi and many others are people who made him grow on his poetical Path.
In order to have more contact with the people of humanity he’s always trying to develop more openness towards others to be able to communicate in a way that is helping them and himself. The mission of his Human Design: Manifestor is to bring people the possibility of widening and exploring consciousness and awareness of it, by transforming the inner saboteur and negative forces of the Super Ego.
To give them the notice that they can handle their own mind in a more creative and compassionate way towards nature around in the universe. Processing experience alone at home is very important for this creative man, his three cats always take care of an intimate atmosphere.

David Dobosh is a Polish visual artist based in Amsterdam. His main medium is photography but recent experimentation with (light) installations and analogue art forms have resulted in what you see today. Dobosh encourages viewers to look into their minds and souls by inviting them to enter an alternate reflective reality. Viewers see themselves from different angles and may gain clearer insights. In the centre of the artist’s interests lies the attempt to interpret the relationship between man as both an individual and a part of society. On the other hand, he aims for a reflection on nature, space and laws governing the order. The artist focuses on the activities of man and their indivisible bond with the universe to explore how the achievements of civilization are bond up with the consequences of pursuing progress. Moreover, Dobosh is focused on the abstract motives that encourage viewers to reflect on themselves, emphasizing at the same time the relative importance of each opinion. By moving sideways in space-time viewers can get lost in their own mind, and follow psychedelic patterns bridging chaos and order, nature and the human spirit. Find his work at:

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