The Loudness of Silence Speaks

the loudness of silence speaks

Photos & Poetry x Penelope Joy

words come at me in your belly

and always i remember

them still loud in my ears

you says:

bind that tongue behind your teeth


they will every one

waste unspoken in your throat

(and also)

bury all good things under

hide them with your quiet body

so i did it and i did it

and they each and every one did it

but there never was

nothing i found

for the burying

no one thing nor many

and now you says:


now you says:


(and also)


noisy in here




each word   becomes over

each silence   becomes loud

Sack & Fist

sack & fist

see there?     away up ahead

my words        stuffed in a

ragged sack              and

disappearing          in the

clawed grip of     my mother

bumping into her veined legs

dragging on the dusty ground

she does not       want them

she wants        rid of them

in my mute throat        the

weight of words          and

her            clenched fist

Penelope Joy is currently lost in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, having previously been lost in other places. She isn’t sure how to describe her writing other than as a place that allows silence to be spoken for a short while, difficult and necessary. It has always been this way. She is rather fond of trees and rocks, collecting bones and taking photos, trying in vain to capture all the interesting and beautiful things that are there to be experienced.

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