OBLIVIOUS x Manuel de Sousa

Untitled, 20??


Photo & Poem x Manuel de Sousa

Holy German Roman Empire faces,
watching stories on streaming services.
Like a paradoxical hyperinflation:
The over abundance of gentrifying
vinyl records.
A sonic serendipity for retired
ventriloquists dummies,
chewing sugar free gum,
like the intangible aspartame
of corporate and unduly
mandibular productivity.

Manuel de Sousa is a writer, music selector, and part time visual artist based mostly in Barcelona and Porto. He has collaborated in cultural magazines and randomly taken part in group exhibitions, blogs and international talks about decolonising fashion and cultural studies.  As a poet,  he was featured in the New River Press Year Book 2019, and is currently working on a compilation of unpublished material as well as playing one off DJ sets and making music.

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